Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Rambling Realizations.

I keep realizing, again and again.
That we will die. This stresses me on many levels.
The conscience is but a tool of the body, and the body is but a tool to the genes of a sexual species.
Passing on your genes can be a path to immortality of the genes, but your conscience dies daily.
A work of art could perhaps outlive your offspring.
But entropy rules us all, and our offspring will die way before the universe does.
What is the point of art then, of sex, of sadness or merriment?

I keep realizing, again and again.
That Gaussians exist because the laws of physics pull us all to the same places but we cannot occupy the same space time simultaneously.
That I am but a cell of a society, which is a macro organism, that has created its institutions, like banks, governments and customs which are its tools.
An amount of perplexing complexity.

I want to rebel in this world, to make it fair.
I want to rebel in technology, to find a way to preserve my conscience.
I want to rebel in art, to make my mortality bearable.

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Anonymous said...

Κάθε φορά γελάω και πιο πολύ.

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