Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The random fish.

There once was a fish, stranded on land, dying.
A cat went by, thinking to release the fish from its misery, and fill up her stomach with food;
A little boy went by, and stopped the cat from eating the fish, scarring it.
The fish was still dying, so the boy went away to search for his mother.

A little girl stumbled upon the fish.
"Oh you little creature, how did you end up in this land?"
The fish stood there gasping, its gills unable to process the oxygen out of the air.
Being brave, she took the fish in her arms and dropped it into a pond.

The fish stood there in the water, motionless at first, enjoying its freshness, then stating moving happily.
The boy and the mother came and saw the girl and were happy for the saved fish.
The cat caught a mouse and was also happy.
The mouse was happy because it had terminal cancer and wanted to end his life as soon as possible.

The only sad person in this story is me, for I now wonder how the fuck this fish came to be stranded on land and why it forced me to write this story.

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